Secret to My Success - Discover How To Write A Winning Web Site

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What does it take to write a web site that wins your visitors?When thinking about writing a web site, you must think about everything that is included in the design and format, even navigation.
Many web designers don't think about the most important aspects of writing a good web site, and that is why it fails which is a secret to my success.
If you want to create a web site that wins your readers and makes them want to know more and eventually purchase, you must have substantial, informative content that is of great value to the reader.
If the content is bad, the web surfer will quickly navigate away from the page and look for something else.
Once you have good content for your web page, you must not forget about how your readers will be directed from one page to another.
If this is not done well, you will lose your web surfer quickly.
One way to look at this is to think of a manual for a business.
There are many times that updates are needed to the manual, and there are often cross-references made from one page to another.
If in the manual, there is a statement that tells the reader to look on page 301 for more information, there better actually be something more there.
Now, think about a web site.
A web site is usually a method used to get the visitor interested to eventually buy a product or service.
A job manual definitely doesn't do this.
That is why a web site needs to have good content and navigation even more than a manual does.
Just as a manual will have cross-references, your web site will have hyper links, and they must navigate the visitor to the right page, with content that is of value to them.
It is important to remember that when a visitor comes to your web site, they don't notice all of the separate entities that make up the site.
They notice the web site as a whole package.
Content that is of good value to them, a good design that is appealing to the eye, and linking that is well thought out will all work together.
The reader sees all of this at once.
Now, as you write your web pages, however, you don't see the end result all at once, you will see it bit by bit.
You want to remember to keep the content relevant and the navigation easy for the reader.
As you add more pages to your site, be thinking about all of these things.
When this is all put together in a nice package, you will have a winning web site that helps you get the results you want and is a secret to my success.
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