Stop Wasting Money on Guaranteed Sign Ups and Cold Calling

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Their not your target market in the first place.
You're just making lead companies richer and not you.
When I got started in network marketing, I was told to buy these so called great leads and cold call them.
It was suggested to me to keep buying them and send them to my marketing site and some will sign up in your program.
Well because I was new, that's what I did.
After many years in network marketing I learned that Guaranteed SignUps are not who you should be talking to.
What I learned from top income earners is that to become a success you have to target the right target of people for your business.
After two years of learning the hard way, I went out and did some research and talked with many successful leaders in network marketing.
I tell you this, that they do not buy Guaranteed SignUps and cold call them, like many network marketers are told to do.
This is a major reason why there is a 95% failure rate in our industry.
Upline leaders are not teaching actual Internet marketing to their downline so they can go out and generate their own targeted leads that are not sold over and over again to five or seven other network marketers.
Also Guaranteed SignUps are usually generated via a generic home based business advertisement targeting people who are looking for something for free.
Or they're given a free test drive of your network marketing system.
They are also giving incentives like money or coupons to become a paid sign ups in your program.
Guaranteed SignUps are people who have a "give me something for free mentality" and believe me when I tell you that you do not want to have people on your team who think like this.
They complain about everything and live in the problems of life.
You will do more baby sitting then anything else, when it comes to these people.
Most of them end up quitting within months time because of their free mentality.
Buying a sign up is like looking to recruiting a NFL player from McDonald's, who has never even played the game and who thinks that they are going to get a free ride and get rich.
If you were a recruiter for the NFL, you would probably be looking to recruit a NFL player who plays college ball or a free agent already in the NFL because that is the target.
Meaning that Guaranteed SignUps are not your target market! I hope your getting this.
You want to find people who are already sold on network marketing and who have experience.
I suggest that this be your focus.
And I'm not talking about buying MLM Genealogy list from lead companies either.
I would also suggest that you learn how to generate your own target list of leads that are only yours so you can start building relationships with them over time and at some point you will be able to show them your business.
So stop wasting your money on Guaranteed SignUps and cold calling.
It's a waste of your time and money.
I should know.
I did it for a while until I did my research and now my business is a big success because of the research I did.
I suggest that you start doing your own research as well and you will see that their are many more way's out their to build a successful network marketing business.
Then you will see that you will have a successful network marketing business as well.
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