What Are the Main Features and Benefits of Mobile Marketing?

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There are two ways to look at mobile marketing.
One has to do with marketing in a moving fashion, such as travel shows or moving billboards.
The second and more important one has to do with the smart phone.
Your company needs to take advantage of mobile mediums to be competitive in today's industry.
There are a number of different ways that you can take advantage of mobile marketing.
The key is in knowing what these avenues are and how to use them legitimately and effectively.
- Mobile marketing via SMS - this is most popular in Europe and Asia.
It is used in North America as well, however, here you must have permission from the person you are sending the message to; i.
you need permission that they do in fact want to receive the messages from you.
- MMS - with MMS you can send out a timed slide-show of audio, text, images and video.
- In-game - who would have thought the advent of video games and computer games would have led to such a prime place to market your company.
Today many companies are delivering promotional messages within mobile games or sponsoring an entire game site.
- Mobile Web Marketing - there are web pages that are specifically designed for the mobile devices.
There are guidelines that need to be adhered to that will help you understand the right way to set up an ad or presentation to use these web pages so that they are viewable on cell phones.
- Bluetooth - this is mobile marketing tool that is not being taken full advantage of in the US but has proven to be very successful in other countries such as India.
Bluetooth is permission based, with a higher transfer speed and is sent via radio based technology which means it is free of charge.
- Location Based - there are some cell phone companies that offer this option as a way to send subscribers deals and coupons based on their current location.
The cell phone company generally gets the location information of the phone from the GPS chip that is built into phones today.
Benefits - Create incredible and cost effective promotional campaigns.
- Reach a wider audience and increase market share.
- Establish and build better longer lasting customer relationships.
- Current customer retention, new customer enticement.
- Get your customer that is on the go.
Mobile Marketing Takes On A Whole New Meaning Mobile marketing takes on a whole new meaning when you consider that nearly everyone has a cell phone attached to their ear at some time during the day.
These mobile devices are commonly seen today as also providing access to the Internet.
This sets up the perfect climate for you, the marketer to advertise your business throughout the day.
Using wireless networks to get your message out provides you with on demand communication between you and your customers.
Using interactive wireless media provides you with everything you will need to send your own message to those who are sure to want to purchase what you have to sell.
When you are ready to utilize this fantastic method of marketing your very own business, there are a few ways you will want to know about in order to get this done.
1) Mobile marketing using SMS 2) Mobile marketing using MMS 3) Mobile web marketing 4) Mobile marketing using Bluetooth technology 5) Mobile marketing using Proximity Systems 6) Location based services 7) User controlled media One feature of SMS is that you can send short text messages to your customers telling them about specials that you are running to allow them to take advantage while supplies last.
Of course, you can develop your own campaigns according to your own priorities.
The same is true about multimedia message services that will allow you to send out messages targeted to those you know will be interested.
Advertising on web pages that are designed specifically for mobile device access is another method of getting your message out to a targeted audience.
Google and Yahoo and other providers of mobile content have a great deal of experience in selling advertising that focuses on the mobile market place.
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