The Instructions for Setting a Steering Trim Tab on a Boat Motor

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    • 1). Back your boat up in the water. While the boat is backing up, move the gear shift to neutral. Note the side to which the boat pulls as it stops.

    • 2). When you remove your boat from the water, use a china marker to make a small mark on the motor's propeller shaft housing to indicate which side the boat pulled toward when you backed up

    • 3). Loosen the nut that holds the trim tab on the motor with an adjustable wrench. Twist the trim tab about 20 degrees away from the side of the motor that has the mark on the propeller shaft housing. Retighten the nut.

    • 4). Back the boat up in the water and move the gear shift to neutral once more, when you next go boating. If the boat still pulls to one side, repeat the process of loosening and resetting the motor's trim tab until the boat backs up straight.

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