German Shepherd Training is Somewhat Special

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A German Shepherd training regimen is generally quite different that that for most other breeds.
For one thing, the Shepherd is a large, very active dog.
As a young dog, it's full of energy, and reaches maturity at a later age than many other breeds.
In addition, though not a vicious breed as some are led to believe, an untrained Shepherd may become aggressive as it gets older, especially if it has not been trained to socialize with people and with other dogs, particularly smaller dogs.
Problem Shepherds can usually be traced to problem owners, people who have not taken the time, or have not had the inclination, to train their dog.
Suffice it to say, German Shepherd training is going to be different than training a lovable Golden Retriever or a super intelligent Poodle or Border Collie.
The German Shepherd is a very intelligent breed, taking it's place in the number three spot behind the Border Collie and the Poodle.
What we are talking about here though is obedience and socializing, not learning to do tricks, though a Shepherd is about as good as any dog at that as well.
The Shepherd is a work dog, and an active dog, and its temperament is geared towards responding to a challenge.
Being a very loyal breed, the Shepherd is eager to please its master, making training much easier in that respect.
Young Shepherds are uniformly friendly, a bit too friendly at times, and they have to be trained not to jump up out of sheer happiness at seeing someone.
A Shepherd puppy can easily knock over a small child, and even an adult who may suffer from poor balance.
One of the training exercises therefore will be teaching the puppy not to jump up.
Socializing is a very important part of any training routine.
The German Shepherd needs to be used to having other people and other dogs around.
If this is not the case, it may become more aggressive as it matures, and could easily become a problem source.
A Shepherd destined for the show ring obviously has to be trained to accept being handled.
A judge, touching the dog while examining it, must never be at risk of being bitten.
As far as handling is concerned, train your Shepherd to stand still while being groomed.
The German Shepherd is a notorious shedder, and needs to be groomed nearly on a daily basis, unless you like having dog hair scattered through the house.
It is very important that you teach the Shepherd early on that you are the Alpha dog.
German Shepherd training involves taking a strong-willed, intelligent, and very athletic animal, and teaching it to be obedient, sociable, and well mannered.
Teaching a shepherd to not be aggressive does not involve harsh treatment when such a behavior is encountered.
A puppy especially, responds well to being held by the scruff of the neck as a corrective measure.
As with any other breed, harsh training methods will cause the dog to withdraw, making learning virtually impossible.
German Shepherd training requires patience, dedication, understanding, and mentally becoming the Alpha dog.
Above all, learn about the breed so you can understand what you're dealing with, and you'll more than likely experience success and end up with a very fine dog.
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