How to Handle Your Approach Anxiety - Friendly Advice

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Hi friend, have you ever wondered why you get this strong passion to be with very beautiful women and at the same time an overwhelming urge to stay away from them? Do you know what is happening to you? Do you want to know what it is and probably get a cure for it? If you answered yes to any of the above question, then this article is the right thing to be reading right now.
Make sure you read it to the end and follow all the instructions contained.
I can assure you that your dating life is about to change for good.
What you are experiencing is called "Approach Anxiety".
This is the illogical and counterproductive feeling that causes someone to dread meeting new people and enjoying new friendships and relationships.
This means that you have signed up for a boring, fun less life and existence.
My friend, you are not the only human being alive, so why would you not want to hang out with other people? Do you know the fun that you will get if you are able to attract the woman of your dreams? I tell you, it is like having heaven on earth.
One of the reasons why guys get this feeling (Approach Anxiety) is because they wrongly conclude that all beautiful girls are already taken and this is not true at all.
Most beautiful women complain of not having a date.
Imagine, if all men are like you, who then will ask the beautiful ladies out? My advice: You have to get out and start practicing.
I want you to walk up to five beautiful women everyday and tell them what you like about them.
For example, you can walk up to a beautiful woman and say something like "Hey, I think you have a wonderful set of teeth".
After you say this, walk away without asking for her names or phone number.
Try doing this for the next thirty days.
This is a great way of handling your approach anxiety.
Thank you.
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