How To Incorporate E-Teaching Into Your Lesson Plans

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Students in elementary, intermediate and high schools are technological. It really doesn't matter where you live in the English speaking world, the fact is they are all tech savvy. As a teacher, if you are not already using E-Teaching in your lessons plans you might want to give the information in this article some thought.

E-Teaching is basically using software, technology, platforms, and some creative genius on the part of the teacher to present the same old information in a new format. One that is more familiar to the tech savvy students in your classroom. Using E-Teaching will save you time on your lesson plans and be more exciting for your students. This actually applies to every grade level.

Power Point is the tool. It's friendly, easy to use and the basic operation can be learned in a day. All the bells and whistles will take a little more time but there are plenty of free online tutorials to help you build an E-Teaching plan that will thrill your students.

Using a slide show is not what it used to be. These days hyperlinks, animation, narration, imagery, master slides, templates, and accessories have tremendously advanced the program. Power Point or another version of it has literally become a multimedia platform of its own.

Imagine teaching a class where you can show large size illustrations and at the touch of a button, refer back to the illustration when the need arises. Imagine inserting a video about a subject in the middle of the lesson that starts at the touch of a button.

The use of master slides allows you to network out to other slides when questions come up. If the teacher wants to stop and answer the question, a master slide lets you link to that section.

Review questions can be built into your speaker notes. The ability to take notes during a media presentation is right there at your fingertips.

Certification for E-Teaching is available online and if you are taxed for time or want to save time this might be a good choice. It's inexpensive and your employer might pay for it if you offer to teach your colleagues the information. The bulk of what you need to know is how to use Power Point to its fullest and what accessory programs will allow you to grab information from the web or your textbooks to fit the program into your lesson plan.

Here is the really beautiful part. Once you have built the structure for an E-Teaching lesson, you can reuse that structure like a template, for a different lesson. In other words once you build the framework, rinse and repeat with new information.

Take all of this information about E-Teaching a step forward and create an interactive lesson plan. If you are lucky enough to have computers available to your class, an interactive lesson plan takes all of the information we've discussed to another level. You can incorporate your review test right into the presentation.
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